This may be of interest to the aficionados of Wayne's tab program.

Wayne's tab program produces very legible and elegant output and it is reasonably easy to input tablature quickly, without a heavy learning curve. On the downside, users have to install it the old way on their system, - which is not easy unless you are a command line pro on Linux, - and it does not have  WYSYWYG interface.

Thanks to new HTML5 tools and features, it is now possible to provide a browser based interface to the program that requires no installation and allows to check the PDFF output of the program directly on screen with a refresh button. Not totally WYSYWYG but pretty close.

I am pleased to say that such an interface is now available at

I designed it on Firefox and tested it on Chrome (no idea if it works on Explorer).  It is open to all without an account and is free of charge. If you are curious, feel free to give it a try.

Note: Thanks to Sarge Gerbode who sent me a very large collection of tab format files some years ago, I was able to add about 2500 tab files to my site at A free account is required to access those. This makes it easy to import a tab file and edit it to your taste.

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