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> For the messages: FreeBSD has a sysctl vfs.zfs.debug. This sysctl approach
> was ported to Linux, my Google 'research' (e.g.
> http://askubuntu.com/questions/228386/how-do-you-apply-performance-tuning-se
> ttings-for-native-zfs) indicates,
> so you may be able to use it under Linux too.

# modinfo zfs|grep debug
parm:           zfs_dbgmsg_enable:Enable ZFS debug message log (int)
parm:           zfs_dbgmsg_maxsize:Maximum ZFS debug log size (int)
parm:           zfs_flags:Set additional debugging flags (uint)
parm:           metaslab_debug_load:load all metaslabs when pool is first 
opened (int)
parm:           metaslab_debug_unload:prevent metaslabs from being unloaded 

It seems that there are module parameters for this.

# find /sys/module/zfs|grep debug

But the ones I want can only be set at boot time.

The Linux port of ZFS doesn't have all the features of the BSD ports.

> BTW: There is a Nagios/Icinga check_zfs plugin.

Thanks for the pointer.  I've attached a modified version of that which works 
with zfsonlinux.  I don't think it's a very useful plugin, I tested it on a 
zpool that has multiple checksum errors and it reports no problems!

> I did not know about "mon" before... How does it compare to Nagios/Icinga?

Nagios has a web based interface to manage it that allows acknowledging error 
conditions.  This is a great feature if you have a large team of sysadmins, 
someone can acknowledge a problem before starting work so no-one else 
duplicates their effort.

For a smaller network this sort of thing isn't necessary and the added 
complexity of Nagios just gets in the way.  Mon is much simpler and has a 
single config file.

The Nagios model is to have a single very complex monitoring system while the 
mon model tends towards multiple simple installations.  Nagios has a nrpe 
daemon on each monitored server while with Mon you have Mon on each server and 
a master Mon monitoring them all.

I gave a LUV lecture about Mon earlier this year.  I could run a hands-on 
tutorial at the Beginner's SIG if there's interest.

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