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> I've used Nodephone successfully with FreeSWITCH using a Snom 320 and an
> Android phone as SIP clients.
> This configuration is no longer current, however, as circumstances have
> changed. Nevertheless, the Nodephone account is still serving the needs of
> family members in Melbourne.

Just wondered if anybody here had any ideas of a problem I have had with

I have asked about this on the mailing list, and reported a bug, but
nobody seems to be able to help me.

If I get an external phone call, and it redirects to voicemail, the
voicemail app does not seem to receive any audio. It then responds
immediately by saying the message is too short.

This works fine if I make the phone call from an internal SIP phone.

Also works fine: audio from the external phone if I use the echo test,
or if the phone call is answered normally on a SIP extension. So I think
this rules out firewall issues, NAT issues (note: there is no NAT), etc.

The Codec for the transmitted/recived data is PCMA, looks good to me. I
think some people looking at the logs in my bug report may have got
confused with some of the messages.

Thought maybe it was a problem with my SIP provider (not that that makes
any sense), but reproduced the exact same problem with NodePhone.

Out of desperation, I copied almost the entire external sip profile to
the internal sip profile settings, but internal still works fine.

Any ideas?

Thinking I might need to ditch FreeSwitch for something that actually
works :-(
Brian May <br...@linuxpenguins.xyz>
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