I've just migrated the LUV VM to a new server.  The new system has 48G of RAM 
and SSD storage.  The LUV VM now has 4G of RAM (up from 2200M) and the SSD 
will improve performance too.

Currently while waiting for DNS changes to propagate I have the old VM 
forwarding connections on ports 80 and 443.  Currently we have some 
performance problems with the Drupal site https://luv.asn.au/ I think that 
this is partly due to forwarding connections and Drupal needing lots of 
connections for images, so I won't be too concerned unless it continues after 
a few hours when people start getting the new IP addresses.  But if any Drupal 
experts would like to look into this I'd appreciate it.

Some mail to the lists will be delayed while MTAs cache the old IP addresses.  
I don't consider this a problem, email is not IM.

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