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ps: yes, this **IS** one of my pet peeves.  IMO every dev who ever suggests
`curl | sudo sh` (or similar) as an install method deserves to be tasered
every single time time someone follows their advice.  It's criminally negligent.

Yup, me too. It gets worse, many of the build systems seem to go out of their way to make it difficult to package things; attempting to package anything that needs Maven or Gradle to build it is bordering on futile because of their irritating habit of downloading libraries while building.

Couple that with in-house developers who are actively hostile to having their software packaged as debs or rpms: one place I worked had one argue that we shouldn't package our software as rpms because we might, one day, switch all our servers to a different Linux distribution. Never mind that the hodge-podge deployment system was a buggy piece of crap and, if we'd switched to rpms, replacing it would have been three lines of puppet:

package { "software_name":
  ensure => installed

They whinge a lot about package management and packaging tools, and then
implement a half-arsed version of their own package management "system" like
`pip` or `gem` or `npm` without bothering to avoid - or even research - any of
the issues that distro developers solved years ago in tools like dpkg and rpm.

Fscking gem files: sometime, in the last fifteen years, I unpacked a gem (I think it was selenium-related), intending to figure out how to make a deb of it, and I found a full win32 binary of Firefox inside it. WTF.

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