For various reasons, I need to maintain a CV, and, moreover, several different
versions of it to meet different requirements.

At the moment, it's written in Markdown, maintained in a Git repository, and
uses Pandoc for conversion to various file formats (e.g., PDF via LaTeX, HTML,
Microsoft Word/OOXML, etc.).

Unfortunately Pandoc's Markdown does not support conditional
inclusion/exclusion of parts of the document (e.g., a switch or if/then/else
construct). I'm faced with the prospect of maintaining several different
files, and of manually migrating changes between them - a good recipe for

A Web search reveals that one solution is to set up a preprocessor to perform
the conditional inclusion/exclusion operations on the Markdown file. This is
cumbersome, but achievable. There may be a Pandoc filter available somewehre
that can do the same.

Another solution would be to switch the document to LaTeX format. From memory,
there's a LaTeX package for conditional inclusion of material in documents.
I'm also quite comfortable with LaTeX, so it would be a question of choosing a
good LaTeX class for use in CV writing, but which would also convert cleanly
to HTML. Latexml seems to be the currently maintained LaTeX to HTML conversion

There may be other options that I haven't considered.

If anyone on the list has been here before and has suggestions to offer, these
would be welcome.

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