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> For various reasons, I need to maintain a CV, and, moreover, several different
> versions of it to meet different requirements.
> At the moment, it's written in Markdown, maintained in a Git repository, and
> uses Pandoc for conversion to various file formats (e.g., PDF via LaTeX, HTML,
> Microsoft Word/OOXML, etc.).
> Unfortunately Pandoc's Markdown does not support conditional
> inclusion/exclusion of parts of the document (e.g., a switch or if/then/else
> construct). I'm faced with the prospect of maintaining several different
> files, and of manually migrating changes between them - a good recipe for
> mistakes.

I personally use Sphinx for the same purpose. As in the tool that is
often used for Python documentation. Similar, but uses restructured
text, not markdown.

It does have native support for conditional text however, whichout
needing a preprocessor.


Having said that, I have never actually used this feature.
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