Wow I am blown away. I just watched the Luvit talk from 2012 and at ~21 
minutes into the video (reference: Building a Lua Based Platform (Luvit) 
<>) it talks about the 
SocketHandler converting various data to streams.

This is significant to me because this concise feature explains to me 
exactly how I'm going to produce a server module/application/interface I 
need to launch proof of concept for a new social stream technology. 

I already have a domain that's wired, and I have an extremely clear scope 
for my offering (which is a technology, after all, so the scope better be 
extremely clear)... and now I have a platform nailed down that can deliver 
my technology... 

What I need is to develop the code and interfaces, and I'm really asking 
for a 5 minute email or (even better) Skype conference to very concisely 
explain my technology, and request any help that Tim Caswell would be 
willing to offer. I feel like that's a pretty big and definitely bold ask, 
so I'm not making this lightly. 

My apologies as this might be an inappropriate way to contact, but I'm not 
into wasting anyone's time, and my intent is just to be direct. 

Would you be willing to take that 5 minutes? Again I can just shoot an 
email if that's best. 

If you're not excited about my technology, I still need to build it, so I'm 
really looking for help to reduce total dev time (I am killer at what I do, 
I'm not asking for anyone to do anything I can't do myself, just someone to 
reduce time to market) - and I'd certainly accept being pointed in the 
right direction if you have non-competes, or non-interest. 

Much appreciation for all that is happening here, I  see the project has 
gotten off the ground and I will be around to contribute what I learn as I 
develop my main architecture, and of course ask some questions here and 
there to get help if and when I get stuck. 

Thanks in advance,


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