On Tue, 22 Apr 2008, Thomas Pedoussaut wrote:

> It even happen when I close the client connection within 
> seconds of creation, so I don't think timeouts are 
> involved. My issue is that the application in backend 
> doesn't deal with timeouts, so never initiate the closing 
> of the connection.

don't know what the problem is. There are other people with 
the same/similar symptoms. You said in your earlier posting 
that it only happened with one of the services. What is it? 
Is there anything different about it? Do you have iptables 
rules running on the realservers/director (if so can you 
turn them off for testing).

> My best guess at the moment, as stated earlier is a problem with DR and
> the state machine of netfilter.

netfilter and ipvs() do not get on well together. You may 
have to remove the netfilter tracking


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