Hi Simon,

I see a zero window persist timer bugfix entry in 1.4.1.

I can ping-pong 2.0.2 and 1.4.1 and make the error come and go. At first on the 
NIOS II but being slower and harder to debug I just got the PowerPC converted 
to 2.0.2 and it’s working there too (as expected).  The PowerPC allows me 
faster debugging and much more horsepower to output debug information.  And I 
can get the debug output in Telnet.  I can debug some, yes, but I’m no expert 
on this part of lwIP or TCP.  So I need help in what information is best to 
gather. I can pause when the sending stops and get to these variables.  Would 
output from LWIP_DEBUG_ONs (whichever ones are pertinent) show you anything 
about what’s happening?

Thank you for replying. Your dedication to this product is evident by your 
interest in knowing what fixed something in an older version. Due to time I may 
have to push a 2.0.2-based release out.  Do to the seriousness I could see you 
pushing a DIY code change for users to update 1.4.1 code to reduce the concern 
of a major update.  It got some nervous here when I said there were probably a 
hundred changes in 2.x. But I’ve already run a test with 3 devices using 30M 
packets and I see no differences from 1.4.1. I will run overnight as well.


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Hey Bill,

Great to hear 2.0.2 fixes this. I'm a bit lost thinking about a bug fix. We had 
some since then I guess, and I would have to dig through the log myself.
However, the most obvious would be a zero window where the persist timer 
doesn't start or somehow doesn't work correctly.

Are you able to reproduce this now? Can you debug it? Would you need help in 

I'm not at my PC very often right now, but I'll see if I find something. Maybe 
you can dump the PCB in question once it stops plus lwip_stats, that could help 
finding the issue.

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