Bill Auerbach wrote:
I can debug some, yes, but I’m no expert on this part of lwIP or TCP. So I need help in what information is best to gather. I can pause when the sending stops and get to these variables. Would output from LWIP_DEBUG_ONs (whichever ones are pertinent) show you anything about what’s happening?

Maybe. As a starter, you should disable everything you can in tcp_output (TCP_OUTPUT_DEBUG, TCP_CWND_DEBUG). Then once the error happens, try dumping the lwip_stats plus the whole tcp_pcb that doesn't send any more. There's no function to do that, so you'll have to write that on your own. I mean every member of the tcp_pcb plus all "interesting" members of lists like unsent, unacked etc.

Oh, and do you have TCP_OVERSIZE enabled? I recall the early versions having bugs, although I'm not sure they could result in the behaviour you're seeing...

It got some nervous here when I said there were probably a hundred changes in 2.x.

I can understand that! The step from 1.4.1 to 2.0.x is a large one. On the other hand, 2.0.2 really has many bugs fixed, so it'll definitively be the more stable version. But release tests are always reuired, of course.

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