Hi Sergio,

Murata, Microchip and all other readymade modules are a bit expensive. Around 

Some time ago I have searched for such module and finally we chose ROVING 
RN-171... They may have a 
newer one, now.

ROVING module was also around $29 for small quantities but after talking with 
their representative they were
willing to drastically go down on price if we take large quantities (1K and 

ROVING have a full TCP stack on their module + ability to write some code under 
their own micro. The second
option is using the module in PASS THROUGTH mode via fast RS232 920Kbit or 
something. In this mode one can
configure the WiFi and then send/get data over this serial connection. This is 
good for small systems that does
not need to send lots of data.


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> I recall having seen an asian SDIO module, but I can't remember the 
> part number.

Found it:
WF111 from BlueGiga, now Silicon Labs.

Atmel has a module series too, but I personally don't like Microship.
Murata is also building a number of modules, some based on the Cypress 
(formerly Broadcomm) chip mentioned in this thread.

Nice to know we do have some options these days.

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