Thansk Simon. That did the trick.

Just an information to anyone looking for it, I put the following define in
my project lwipopts.h

#define LWIP_IP_ACCEPT_UDP_PORT(dst_port) ((dst_port) == PP_NTOHS(68))

#define LWIP_DHCP                       0           // default is 0

On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 2:30 PM, <> wrote:

> Amit Ashara wrote:
>> I am trying to get BOOTP working with lwIP 1.4.1 stack. [..]However the
>> call back function for udp does not get invoked. After debugging the same,
>> the issue seems to be in ip.c file.
> Of course that doesn't work out of the box. DHCP has a workaround, which
> is disabled for LWIP_DHCP==0. However, by defining LWIP_IP_ACCEPT_UDP_PORT
> correctly, you can get the same behaviour for your own application.
> Simon
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