On 05.04.2018 20:29, Keith Rubow wrote:
I am trying to use lwip on ARM cortex M4. My development software is
Atollic Truestudio on Win10. So far I have gotten lwip 1.4.1 to work
using raw api and a simple multitasking OS.

Now I am trying to change over to lwip 2.0.3, and am having trouble with
initialization. My initialization code is as follows:
#include "lwipopts.h"
#include "lwip/tcpip.h"
#include "lwip/tcp.h"
struct netif wiznetif;    // network interface struct for wiznet
static void initialize_lwip(void) {
      struct ip_addr ipaddr, netmask, gateway;

Since 1.4.0, "struct ip_addr" is an "internal" type, and applications should use "ip_addr_t", which is a typedef and keeps us more free to change the types. We do have struct ip_addr (Dirk suggested to add the appropriate include), but I just saw it's only defined for dual-stack mode.

You should instead convert your software from "legacy" (i.e. pre 1.4.0) coding style to just use ip_addr_t.


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