My personal opinion follows:

Do you absolutely need HTTP ?
As long as we don't have IPv6 (and fixed addresses), we have to go DDNS
and port forwarding. Yes, this requires an end user holding a PhD or at
least the techie ones. So... the whole purpose of "the cloud" probably
started with this, and so many developers resort to publishing on some
publisher/subscriber architecture and either provide a web frontend
based on a subscriber backend or a subscriber based smartphone
application (or computer program). Enter MQTT, available in your lwIP repo.
Do you absolutely need HTTP ?

An ellaborated explanation is a bit off-topic (and extense).
You can do this with a hosted server and database for one or a few
devices. You should also consider Heroku. For lots of devices, a cloud
service like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, that bunch of money makers based
on Seattle, or even Adafruit is probably a better idea.

For remote control, however, the MQTT way is a bit more involved, so for
a verbose interface you would probably want to run a more friendly
protocol on top of that.

Everything depends on what you need to do and how you want to interact
with your devices.

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