I created a client(using LWIP, netconn functions) and receiving and sending
back the data I received from the server. Loop is [netconn_recv and
netconn_write]. Netconn client

Moreover, I have to measure the signal strength of Module. Currently, I am
using (delay1s)+++(delay1s), AT+CSQ, ATO to go to command mode(without
closing PPP), measure signal strength and, ATO to go back to data mode.

However, the problem is that when I try to measure the signal str. I go to
comm mode, measure sig.str., back to data mode but I cant receive or write
any more. As a result after netconn_rcv in server gives timeout and client
close, delete and connects again, than recv and write data until next
sig.str. measure function.

How can I stop the netconn_recv or netconn_write for a while until I measure
the signal str and resume where it was left over. Is it possible? I don't
want to close, delete and connect again. I want to resume recv and write fn
where it was left.

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