before craete a container:

show nothing

#lxc-ls --active
test2  test2-1 test2-2  test2-3  test2-4

create lxc:
#lxc-start -n test2 -f /root/yaowj/lxc.xml -d

#lxc-ls --active
test2  test2-1 test2-2  test2-3  test2-4  test2-5

I create test2, but it show test2-5.
But I can get info by use test2.

#lxc-info -n test2
Name:           test2
State:          RUNNING
PID:            32251
CPU use:        1.79 seconds
BlkIO use:      0 bytes
Memory use:     1.25 MiB
KMem use:       0 bytes

#ps -ef | grep test2
root     32246     1  0 23:41 ?        00:00:00 lxc-start -n test2 -f
/root/yaowj/lxc.xml -d

1. Why there are some lxc still in lxc-ls when I use `lxc-stop -n test2 -k`
(or use `kill -9 pid`) to stop it?
2. How to remove these unused lxc info?

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