On 22/09/16 20:01, manik sheeri wrote:

I was able to fix it and run |glxgears| in root mode. The problem was with the xauth.

The host system already had |xauth|.The idea is to use the key of the already trusted user, which in my case was |manik| on the host system.

Using command |xauth list| on host gave me the following output:

|manik/unix:0 MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 a4f6256398303725763c5595f404afbb |

I am going to use the key in hex(right-most most entry above) in my root user account inside container.

I installed xauth package in the container:

|sudo apt-get install xauth |

Inside |root| user prompt in container:

|export DISPLAY=":0" xauth add $DISPLAY . a4f6256398303725763c5595f404afbb |

And now |glxgears| works fine in root mode.

Wow! Looks like a way to proper solution, but do you think it's possible to automate this?


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Marat Khalili

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