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> LXC newbie here...running into a situation where i cannot run Java programs
> inside the container due to the fact that some dependent soft links (and
> related directories) are not visible from inside the container.

> I understand that a mount entry in the LXC startup file would solve that
> long-term but want to see whether i can quickly/temporarily map
> (specifically, /etc/java-8-xxx ) into the container namespace to test some
> things, look at other dependencies etc.,

> The link here
> (

Why not a more recent thread?

> talks about adding a new directory to make it visible inside a running
> container, but want to see if i can make an existing directory made visible
> inside the running container, without stopping the container.

Short answer is "no" and the thread explains, why.

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Andrey Repin
Wednesday, October 12, 2016 13:56:04

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