On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 05:13:42PM -0700, manik sheeri wrote:
> I am trying to run my LFS (Linux from scratch) inside a container. I
> created LFS from its stable version book and using that as a rootfs for my
> container.
> I created the LFS rootfs at /home/manik/toolchain/lfs . I am using this as
> a rootfs source for my container. I will copy the directories inside my
> container rootfs from this location.


> # executable
> chmod 744 $rootfs/etc/init.d/rcS || res=1
> # launch rcS first then make a console available
> # and propose a shell on the tty, the last one is
> # not needed
> cat <<EOF >> $rootfs/etc/inittab
> ::sysinit:/etc/init.d/rcS
> tty1::respawn:/sbin/agetty -L tty1 115200 vt100

Try spawning on tty0?  You've set lxc.tty to 1 below,
which means only 1 tty will be created (bind-mounted
from a pty on the host).
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