Hi all,

I just had a LXD host (LXD version 2.0.4 on Ubuntu server 16.04) ran out of 
diskspace and found out that my LXD logs took almost 8GB.

When looking at the /var/log/lxd/containernerme/lxd.conf file I see a 
lxc.loglevel set to 0, which means trace according to the manpage, so basically 
log all you can think of.
Is there an easy config to set to reduce logging? 
It doesn't seem to work when I do a "lxc config set containername raw.lxc 
'lxc.loglevel = 8'"  (for only fatal error logging)

It does show up in the configuration when doing a "lxc config show 
containername", but when looking at the /var/log(lxd/containername/lxd.conf it 
still shows level 0.

Since this LXD host is running from a SD-card I would like to set logging to an 
absolute minimum.

NB: according to the manpage 
default logging should be level 5 (error), which is already way better than the 
default of 0.

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