Simos , this is a excellent article.

I would like to give my 10 cents to make it better.

When I was using lxc-1.0 I found that when /dev/dri/ is not correctly
configured you might see chrome working but not fully gain gpu acceleration
(i.e. 3d).  Chrome is smart and it will falls to software rendering in this
case and you might not notice it.  To debug you can open chrome://gpu/ in
chrome to see details.  When gpu correctly configured you will see string
like " WebGL: Hardware accelerated".


2017-05-04 13:06 GMT+08:00 Xavier Gendre <>:

> Hi,
> > I completed the tutorial on how to run graphics-accelerated GUI apps
> > in (local) LXD containers,
> >
> gui-apps-in-lxd-containers-on-your-ubuntu-desktop/
> >
> > Compared to the previous post, this one has sound and also shows how
> > to create a shortcut so that the GUI app can run in a single click,
> > from the Launcher.
> Thanks Simos for your work!
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