Yesterday, I created an unprivileged debian jessie container using the
lxc-provided template, like so:

  lxc-create -t download -n debbox -- -d debian -r jessie -a amd64

I replaced systemd with sysvinit-core, since systemd was causing endless
hangs whenever I installed or upgraded packages.  The container then ran
properly, but lxc-stop would just hang forever.  Running lxc-stop -t 10
worked after the timeout expired, producing this error message:

  commands_utils.c: lxc_cmd_sock_rcv_state: 70 Resource temporarily
unavailable - Failed to receive message

Apparently init was failing to respond appropriately to lxc's signal.  I
fixed it by replacing the default pf entry in /etc/inittab (wich pointed to
a nonexistent /etc/init.d/powerfai script) with this:


All that troubleshooting (including the systemd part) took hours.  Could
this be fixed in lxc's debian jessie template, so others don't have to deal
with it in the future?
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