Suno Ano wrote:
> Hi folks,
> when cloning from [0], there are a bunch of excellent tools like for
> example lxc-status. What about including those into mainline lxc utils?
> [0] git clone git://

Hi guys,

there is people writing tools to create the container templates for lxc.

  * Nigel McNie is writting the lxc-debian and some more scripts:

  * Guillaume Zitta created a "lxc-provider" project

  * And I am writing templates to be called by the lxc-create command

I was wondering if we can join our effort, as there is a lot of
templates to do and different behaviour depending the distros (udev,
sysvrc/upstart, mountall, etc ...).

And I would like to focus on the lxc core system more than creating
templates scripts.

Maybe we can elaborate a plan and define an api for the templates
scripts to be called by lxc-create and include them in the lxc tree ?

   -- Daniel

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