in the vps-lxc tool ive written:

the default profile generates a domain config file that looks like this:

# generated by mkdom
# Thu Feb 11 14:50:34 CST 2010

however when i try to start it with my tool, (i just want to
demonstrate how mine works, i want to spread it! :-) i get:

ph1 ~ # vps-lxc start test1
info: starting domain test1...
FATAL exception encountered... stacktrace:
   start(vps_cmd_main):92 info: starting domain test1...
   start(vps_cmd_main):102 fatal: domain test1 started, but is not RUNNING

when i try to run it manually i get:

ph1 ~ # lxc-start -n test1
lxc-start: failed to move '(null)' to the container
lxc-start: failed to create the configured network
lxc-start: failed to spawn '/sbin/init'

why is this?  am i missing something to get lxc-* tools to just create
a new, empty network stack?  the idea was to have the default
distribution profile create domains with an empty network, since i
don't know anything about the host environment.  if i make a "veth"
network instead, it starts/runs fine.


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