Am running fedora 12 with kernel. Currently I
use bind mount to access usb disks. For instance :

/media /lxc/f12/usbdisk none bind 0 0

udev mounts usb devices on /media. There are some issues with this approach :

1) Since this is hard coded config, it has to be updated everytime the
mount point (/media in this case) changes.
2) If I unmount /media from the host, the container can still access
the disk from /usbdisk i.e ls /usbdisk and other operations work
within container but not /media from the host. How is this possible ?
3)  By #2, I assume there is some sort of usb pass-through within
container? Is this true ?
4) Hot swap does not work within the container. After usb device is
reinserted, container cannot recognize it but host can.
5) "mount" within the container  always displays just one single line
while I have few more in fstab including the above /media stuff.
     none on /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc type binfmt_misc (rw)

Are there better ways of doing this ? Basically support dynamic
devices possibly by making udev work within container ?


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