Cuma 12 Kasım 2010 günü (saat 12:05:29) Daniel Lezcano şunları yazmıştı:
> On 11/09/2010 09:33 PM, Brian K. White wrote:

> If I understood correctly, you are using the git head which is 0.7.3 + 1
> patch, right ?
> After your container is started, what gives the ouput of lxc-ps --lxc ?

We're having the same problems too. Here's the configuration file:

lxc.utsname = c2-farm32 = veth = up = br0 = = DE:AD:BE:EF:24:94 = eth0
lxc.mount = /etc/lxc/c2-farm32/fstab
lxc.rootfs = /etc/lxc/c2-farm32/rootfs
lxc.arch = i686


none /etc/lxc/c2-farm32/rootfs/dev/pts devpts defaults 0 0
none /etc/lxc/c2-farm32/rootfs/proc    proc   defaults 0 0
none /etc/lxc/c2-farm32/rootfs/sys     sysfs  defaults 0 0
none /etc/lxc/c2-farm32/rootfs/dev/shm tmpfs  defaults 0 0

With 0.7.2, no problem at all but with the 0.7.3 tarball, no /proc is 
available thus initscripts fail at various places.

Is the behaviour change was intentional or is this a bug?

Ozan Çağlayan
TUBITAK/UEKAE - Pardus Linux

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