Quoth Kyle Bachan: 'For reference, the website I am trying to access 
via Lynx is
        I get:

                                                   Account : Toronto Public 
        REFRESH(14400 sec): [1]https://account.torontopubliclibrary.ca/

        We're sorry, you need to enable JavaScript to use the new version of 
the library account. [2]Back to old account

Choosing 'Back to old account' gets me something useful.

        Quoth Kyle Bachan:  'to a certificate or subdomain issue'
        I've never had certificates matter to lynx.  I don't know what
you mean by subdomain issue.

        If the user is logging lynx's output there may be an answer in it.

        If this page requires JavaScript, lynx isn't going to use it;
would it better serve this user to go straight to the old account
page?  What does the user's

        lynx --version


russell bell

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