> No, I have no i386 system here.  The only intel stuff in this system
> is some of the peripherals on the motherboard, all systems in this
> house are amd.

Not i386 in terms of "Intel 80386 CPU", but i386 in the sense of "same
basic instruction set as Intel 80386": 32-bit x86 instruction set as
opposed to the 64-bit x86 instruction set (which is what the executable
is for).  "uname -m" should print the architecture name your system is
running under; I'm guessing you'll see "i386".  I don't know whether
the Athlon K8 is 64-bit capable; I'd guess not, but if so I'll further
guess that you're running a 32-bit system, not a 64-bit system, and
thus can't run a 64-bit binary.  (You'll probably see "i386" for 32-bit
and "amd64", "x86_64", or maybe "x86-64" for 64-bit.)

There is some chance you'll see something else.  But I am moderately
confident "Athelon" is a typo for "Athlon", indicating x86
architecture, rather than a name for an ARM variant or some such.

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