Here's a wish-list item for lynx: something I can type when prompted
about cookies to say "always for this run".  Basically, an answer that
turns on accept_all_cookies for the remainder of that run.

And two used-to-be wish-list items which I've dealt with in the source,
though inelegantly: (1) boost the redirection count limit from 10 to
something higher (I think I counted 12 in the use case at hand) and (2)
a way to automatically answer the "Wrap lines to fit displayed area?"
question upon externally editing a text field.

Ideally, of course, I'd like these to be user-configuration settings.
For my own use, I dealt with the former by bashing 10 to 25 in
HTLoadDocument() and dealt with the latter by removing the if and the
contained settings of wanted_fieldlen_wrap, replacing them with
unconditionally setting it the way I want.  (I can provide patches if
anyone wants; I hesitate to do so without requests (a) because I don't
know the list etiquette on posting patches and (b) I suspect what I did
would be considered too heavy-handed to be appropriate for
general-purpose use.)  I tried to do a (similarly inelegant) patch for
the cookie thing but failed; so far I haven't tracked down why it
didn't work.


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