> In various versions of Lynx, I cannot open the following address:
> 'https://m.medicalxpress.com/page2.html'

As others have said, Lynx can open this page fine.  However, I think
the problem is the following:

If you browse https://m.medicalxpress.com/ in Lynx and find the
"load more" link, when you select this, Lynx tries to load the URL
and the server says that this is not found.  The server does not
expect the dot to be present in the URL.

The link is written (some syntax elided):

 <a href="./page2.html">load more</a>

Most other browsers, including links, don't copy this dot into the URL
when following the link, so they don't experience a problem.

Is Lynx correct to copy the dot?  I think not.  According to RFC 1808
in Section 4 where it describes an algorithm for resolving relative URLs,
in Step 6:

   a) All occurrences of "./", where "." is a complete path
      segment, are removed.

This carries through into RFC 3986 where section 5.2.4 describes a
"Remove Dot Segments" algorithm.


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