Public release of LyX version 2.0.1

We are pleased to announce the release of LyX 2.0.1. This is the first
maintenance release in the 2.0.x series.

LyX 2.0.1 is the result of on-going efforts to make our stable version
even more reliable and stable. We have fixed a number of bugs and made
a number of improvements. These are detailed below. We encourage all
LyX users to upgrade to this version.

LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing based
on the structure of your documents and not simply their appearance. It is
released under a Free and Open Source Software license.

You can download LyX 2.0.1 from

If you think you found a bug in LyX 2.0.1, either e-mail the LyX
developers' mailing list (lyx-devel <at>, or open a bug
report at

If you have trouble using LyX or have a question, consult the
documentation that comes with LyX and the LyX wiki, which lives at If you can't find the answer there, e-mail the LyX
users' list (lyx-users at

We hope you enjoy using LyX 2.0.1.

The LyX team.

What's new in LyX 2.0.1

The support for using external files in ERT has been improved by the
introduction of a prefix for the TEXINPUTS environment variable.
This prefix can be set in preferences and by default includes the
document directory (represented by a single '.'). The prefix can
be set to any list of paths separated by the default separator for
a given platform (':' on unix like systems and ';' on windows).
When a file should be included by LaTeX, the paths listed in TEXINPUTS
will be searched in turn for finding it. Note that any non-absolute
path listed in the TEXINPUTS prefix is considered to be relative to the
document directory, i.e., the directory where the LyX file lives.
Users are advised to always include '.' (the document dir) as one of
the path components, otherwise compilation may fail for some documents.
This is because the previous (undocumented) mechanism based on the use
of the \input@path macro has been dropped. The old mechanism did not
work in all cases and was kind of a hack. Old documents using that
undocumented hack for obtaining the path of the LyX file will have to
be revised. A clean way for obtaining the document path is using the
info inset through the "info-insert buffer path" LyX function.

** Updates:


- Allow for a maximum of 3 minutes for the completion of a spawned command
  except on Windows, where 30 minutes are allowed. This is because the
  Windows installer may trigger MiKTeX updates that suffer from network

- Improved XHTML output of various fractions.

- A prefix for the TEXINPUTS environment variable can be specified in the
  preferences. The directory of a LyX document is represented by a single
  dot '.' or by the prefix "./". Also, any non-absolute path will be
  prepended with the LyX document directory.

- Updated templates to current LyX format, so no conversion will be

- Allow LaTeX import of \uline (bug 7640).

- Fix compilation error occurring when a LyX document resides in a directory
  whose name contains characters that are special to LaTeX (bug 6170).


- Updated Czech, French, German, Japanese, Interlingua, Italian, Polish,
  Portuguese, Serbian (Latin), Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian User
  Interface Localization.

- Now it is not necessary to restart LyX after changing the default
  document directory and/or the PATH prefix in the preferences for them
  to take effect.

- Menu View->Source for documents with XHTML default output format now
  only the current paragraph, except when complete source is requested
  (bug 7463).

- Size tab now enables and disables correctly depending on the capabilities
  configured for the current external template (selected via the combo).

- Sort entries in the "More Formats and Options" dialog (bug 7714).

- Enable "Accept compound" preference setting for Aspell backend only.
  Reconfigure the aspell backend when "Accept compound" preference is
  changed immediately.


- UserGuide:
  - new section how to define custom header/footer lines
    (bug 7196).
  - new section about customized lists
  - new section about comparison of LyX documents
  - new section about the document's colors settings
  - revised Appendix A and B

- EnbeddedObjects manual:
  - describe that LyX supports now the changing of the color of the
    greyed-out box text
  - new chapter about objects surrounded by text

- Math manual: add a note about column limit for decorated matrices.

- Updated French documentation files.

- updated template file for the latest version of the ACM siggraph

- updated layout and template file for the latest version of the IJMPC

- updated layout and template file for the latest version of the IJMPD

** Bug fixes:


- Fixed crash when outputing the unitone command to XHTML or when using
  such commands with mathematica, octave, or maple.

- Fix output of non-TeX font names with non-ASCII characters and associated
  assertion (bug 7569).

- Fix output of decimally aligned columns in unviewed (on screen) tables.

- Fix problem with indentation of bibliography items. Note that older files
  may still exhibit this problem, since the label string "References" (or a
  translation of it) may have been written to the file.

- Inform user of unknown layouts caused by class change (bug 7571).

- Avoid LaTeX errors if font changing commands are used in the wrong mode
  by assuring to switch to the right mode on export.

- Fix validation problem with user macros (bug 7525).

- Improve import of LaTeX documents with non-ASCII contents before loading
  the inputenc package (bug 7509).

- The export format DVI (LuaTeX) is now correctly created (bug 7713).

- Macros that use other macros now output properly to XHTML (bug 7532).

- Fixed XHTML output for tables that use multirow.

- Fix problem with XHTML output of blank paragraph (bug 7634).

- Fixed export to plaintext of, as well as searching within,
  a document containing aligned and other multi-cell environments
  (bug 7549).

- Fixed the call to the svg converter on Windows (bug 7608).

- On Windows, allow to automatically switch TeX engines without the need
  of manually saving the preferences after reconfiguring (bug 7557).

- Fix DVI forward search on Windows when compiling with MSVC.

- Calculate relative pathnames to master documents when master is in a
  directory above the child (bug 7540).

- On Windows, improve detection of the TeX engine when the file system does
  not support short names and the temp directory contains spaces.

- Fixed the latex flag set by the prefs2prefs script (bug 7610).

- Code cleanup of the Sweave support script (see bug 7555).

- Fix LaTeX error with Sweave module when the file name contains a
  dot (bug 7551).

- Fix error with Sweave module when using some R features (bug 7552).

- Fix LaTeX error with Sweave module when the temporary directory name
  contains a space (bug 7545).

- Fix LaTeX error with Sweave module when the directory where R has
  been installed contains a space.

- Fix incompatibility between jss.layout and Sweave (see bug 7555).

- Fix LaTeX export when the file encoding changes after a float (bug 7645).

- Fix missing VCS revision information for RCS (author/date/time).

- Fix output of chapter references when using prettyref.

- Fix output of unicode math from within child documents (bug 7682).

- Fix bug when exporting documents containing the command/character
  "\iddots" in math to LyX 1.6.x.

- Fix forward-search on Windows with SumatraPDF and, as a by-product,
  allow using SumatraPDF on Cygwin without the need for a wrapper script.

- Avoid kerning problems by protecting back quotation marks obtained through
  the quotes inset only when a TeX ligature would be triggered (bug 253).

- Fixed infinite loops in lyx2lyx when processing files with bad tabulars.


- Fixed crash relating to outliner and mouse movement.

- Fixed crash when putting multirow tables into notes---or any other inset
  that appears in the outliner (bug 7547).

- Fixed crash with inverse search when document has changed (bug 7572).

- Fixed crash when scrolling away from empty paragraph (bug 7591).

- Fixed problem with display of Buffer load errors (bug 7622).

- Show the correct label after adding a line to an AMS Multline formula
 (bug 7511).
- Equation numbering in child documents now works properly (bug 7531).

- Display \utilde and \undertilde in formulas correctly (part of bug 6622).

- Restore the functionality of the TeX Information dialog on Cygwin if a
  native Windows TeX engine is used.

- Correct erroneous report of duplicate labels when dissolving insets
  (bug 7319).

- Make size of characters in instant preview snippets independent of the
  LaTeX font size (bug 2200).

- Fix On-the-fly spellchecker jumps to next pattern match when replacing a
  misspelled word with a suggested one from context menu (bug 7564).

- Keep customized file formats in the export menu by default (bug 7609).

- Add XeTeX/LuaTeX and derived formats to the Default Output list
  in the preferences dialog (bug 7543).

- Fix paragraph style shortcut with open source view in German localization
  (bug 7590).

- Do not cache cursor keys when scrolling (bug 7598)

- Enable OK/Apply in Document>Settings dialog when bullet size is changed.

- Display LyX's internal \unit equivalents in the math toolbar menu (bug

- Fix problem that LyX complained about unkown flexible insets after
  the document settings (bug 7630).

- Enable the autocorrection option for math.

- Don't assert when accepting/rejecting non-existent changes (bug 7654).

- Fix assertion when using "Ignore All" in spell checker dialog
  after changing buffer view (bug 7661).

- Don't mark buffer changed simply because you open the label dialog
  (bug 7655).

- Display Postscript item in View and Export menu again.

- Fixed crash involving tables that have rows whose cells are all multirow
  (bug 7535).

- With aspell backend split words on hard hyphens to check parts separately
  because hyphen is not allowed to be part of a word (bug 7660).

- On Windows, fix call to Computer Algebra System programs (bug 7715).

- On Windows, fix configuration failure when shell autorun commands are
  are enabled in the registry (bug 7718).

- On Windows, allow using again batch files as converters.

- Fix configuration failure due to missed deletion of a temporary file
  under certain circumstances (bug 7586).


- Advanced F&R would previously ask to open a master document under some
  circumstances, or do strange things with \selectlanguage (bug 6560). This
  has been mostly fixed. Please see the bug report for remaining issues.

- Fixed bug in matching at borders within *-environments with ignore-format
  off. (related to bug 7596)

- Bugfix in how the search buffer was exported for the Advanced Find &
  For example, before this footnotes were not correctly found.

- Now advanced find and replace doesn't ignore white spaces while matching
  with ignore format.

- Now the cursor is visible while at the rightmost part of a regexp inset.

- Now a regexp inset with a \backslash or braces is previewed correctly.

- Disabled possibility to type macros in regexp-mode.

- Now backslash-prefixed regexps like "\s", "\d", etc., are all
understood by Advanced F&R.

- Now Adv. F&R correctly interprets escape sequences within regexp
insets, e.g., \\ or \(,
  for finding characters with a special meaning in regular expression
context (\^()[]).

- After replacing with multi-cell contents inside maths, now advanced
find and replace
  leaves the cursor after the inserted material (fixing 7675).

- Fixed longstanding bug in Advanced Find&Replace, when dealing with
documents containing braces.


- Re-add some lost translations from layout files.

- Fixed compilation of the French Customization manual.

- Fixed compilation of the Spanish Math manual.

- Fixed compilation of the Japanese EmbeddedObjects and UserGuide manuals.

- Fixed compilation of the amsbook-test example file.

- Fixed compilation of the landslide example file.

- Fixed compilation of the agutex template file.

- Correct command definitions for floats with captions set beside in the
  EmbeddedObjects manual (bug 7328).

- Avoid doubled page numbers in the footer lines of the thesis template.

- Corrected links in the bibliography of the UserGuide.

- Modified tufte example files so that the floats don't overlap each other;
  added note that float placement options are not allowed for margin floats.


- Using pkgconfig to configure hunspell (hunspell 1.3 was not correctly

- Using explicit header and library detection as fallback to configure
  hunspell in case pkgconfig is missing in build environment.

- Fixed build failure on GNU/Hurd, which doesn't define PATH_MAX
  (bug 7467).

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