Public release of LyX version 2.3.1

We are proud to announce the release of LyX 2.3.1. This is the first
maintenance release in the 2.3.x series.

You can download LyX 2.3.1 from

LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing based
on the structure of your documents and not simply their appearance. It is
released under a Free and Open Source Software license.

LyX 2.3.1 is the result of on-going efforts to make our stable version more
reliable and more stable. We have fixed a number of bugs and added some new
features. Please see below for a full list. Perhaps the most important of
these is that Jean-Marc Lasgouttes re-wrote the document painting
This makes LyX snappier, especially on repeated events.

All python scripts distributed with LyX should now be compatible with both
python 2.x and python 3.x.

One oft-requested enhancement was to restore a keyboard shortcut for opening
the 'settings' menu of graphics, reference, etc, insets. This is now
Alt-i, on Windows and Linux, and Control-Option-i on OSX (assuming you are
using the default keybindings).

A change to how math macros are output can break some documents that use
ERT to comment out macros. Please see bug #11216 if you experience this
of problem.
If you think you have found a bug in LyX 2.3.1, please open a bug report at If you're not sure whether it
really is a bug, you can e-mail the LyX developers' mailing list (lyx-devel
<at> and ask.

If you have trouble using LyX or have a question, consult the documentation
that comes with LyX (under the Help or Apple menu) and the LyX wiki, which
is at If you can't find the answer there, e-mail the
LyX users' list (lyx-users <at>, where you will find an
active community of people who are ready to help.

We hope you enjoy using LyX 2.3.1.

The LyX team.

What's new

** Updates:


- It possible to anonymize document's content for bug submissions
  via buffer-anonymize lfun (bug 7259).

- Support rotation of multi-page tables via (pdf)lscape (bug 9194).

- Added LFUN_MASTER_BUFFER_EXPORT, which exports the master buffer, along
  the lines of LFUN_MASTER_BUFFER_VIEW (bug 11118).

- Needauth is not needed for exporting R code (only when executing the

- Center longtable explicitly for compatibility with some packages (bug

- Fix problems with default conversion script for graphics (part of bug


- Updated to Qt5 the LyX server example client in development/lyxserver/


- Add support for biblatex.

- Add support for chapterbib.

- Add support for \includeonly.

- Add support for beamer overlay arguments (bug 11068).

- Update tex2lyx quotation marks detection:
  * Consider new quote styles of LyX 2.3.
  * Consider changed quote styles in LYX 2.3.
  * Try to be a bit smarter with ambiguous quotation marks,
    depending on the main quote style and the local context.

- Consider options passed via \PassOptionsToPackage.

- Add support for URW Classico, MinionPro and the new Libertine fonts.

- Add support for \lstinputlisting and \inputminted.

- Add support for the \t*{} (bottomtiebar) macro of TIPA.

- Implement better parsing of some command options (via "literate"
  function of some insets) (bug 9563).

- Add support for alignment pseudo-environments as used inside floats
  (bug 7857).


- Overhaul the document painting mechanism. Now the screen is updated
  asyncronously (as all normal applications do), which makes LyX
  snappier, especially on repeated events. As an added bonus, subpixel
  aliasing is honored in the work area.

- Use native file dialogs on all platforms by default. It is now
  possible to switch to LyX custom dialogs (which have extra shortcuts
  to relevant directories) by setting the preference
  \use_native_filedialog true

- Let caret height depend on character size in math editor.

- Handle properly top/bottom of inset with mac-like cursor movement
  (bug 10701).

- Respect the last setting of the 'literal' checkbox when adding citations
  via the LyX server (e.g., from JabRef).

- Allow unification of graphic groups inside marked block via context

- Cosmetic polishment of the "Math Options" pane of Document Settings
  (bug 10777).

- UI improvements in the graphics dialog (bug 10771).

- Set tab stop in preamble editor to four characters.

- Provide simple search functionality in preamble (bug 11099).

- Change Settings -> Local Layout to Fixed-width Font and Nowrap (bug

- Allow LFUN_UNICODE_INSERT to take multiple arguments (bug 11084).

- Added C-M-i as a shortcut for LFUN_INSET_SETTINGS (bug 7662).


- Updated Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian,
  Slovakian and Ukrainian user interface localization.


- Add support for v.2 of the enchant spell checker (bug 10986).

- Support new hunspell C++ ABI if LyX is built against hunspell >= 1.5
  (bug 10547).

- Fix spurious warning when compiling with Qt 5.10.

** Bug fixes:


- Properly escape labels entered for included program listings in Insert
> File
  > Child Document (part of bug 10544).

- Fix the implementation of new libertine font package.

- Properly escape braces in non-literate context in insets.

- Fix output of citation commands in child documents (bug 11083).

- Use normal footnote (rather than \tablefootnote) for tables in minipages.

- Fix detection of Open Document files.

- Fix language settings and line spacing in InPreamble-titles
  (bug 9332, 1049).

- Respect 'literal' setting when calculating longest bibitem (bug 10817).

- Do not embrace numbers in \beginL ... \endL with polyglossia in Right-
  to-Left languages, since bidi handles the numbers automatically.

- Fix polyglossia language switches for Arabic (bug 11057).

- Fix language allocation after PassThru paragraphs (bug 10793).

- Set correct path to (biblatex) bibliography databases that are entered
  relative to child documents (bug 11105).

- Load hyperref with a suitable driver (bug 6418).

- Fix LaTeX errors with nested ulem commands.

- Recompile grandchildren when they have updated (bug 11112).

- Output list of bibliography files in the order given in the dialog, rather
  than sorted.

- Fixed the last python scripts to support both python 2 and 3 (bug
11101). All
  scripts should now be able to run in a python 3 only environment.

- Correctly strike-out deleted math immediately following a float (bug

- Fix problem with unwanted spaces caused by math macro definitions (bug


- Fix "Paste from LaTeX" on Windows (bug 9139).

- Disable BUFFER_EXPORT and BUFFER_EXPORT_AS while buffer is processed
  (bug 8338).

- Disable CheckTeX while buffer is processed (bug 7434).

- Disable completion in text when there is a selection.

- Do not use English, but the context language, when pasting from LaTeX
  (bug 9199).

- Do not use English, but the context language, when pasting from math
  (bug 2596).

- Fix ChkTeX on Windows (requires ChkTeX 1.7.7 at least) (bug 9989).

- When entering a math macro name, Escape properly cancels the
  operation (bug 9251).

- Fix list of viewable formats in view/update menu (bug 11044).

- Fix encoding problems with listings insets and non-TeX fonts (bug

- When only Enchant is configured as a spell checker, configure it
  properly as default.

- Do not show errors from master when compiling child (bug 11106).

- Fix crash with server-get-xy and tall inset (bug 8120).

- Fix crash when opening file with non-acii file name in single
  instance mode (bug 11167).

- Improve Undo for operations that act on several buffers (bug 10823).

- Improve rendering of square roots in math editor (bug 10814).

- Set minimum height for math cells (bug 11050).

- Fix display of citation labels when pasting from a document
  with other citation type (bug 10829).

- Save the list of recent files when a file is open/saved so that it
  is up to date after a crash (bug 10712).

- Only show header for bibliography in outliner (bug 11045).

- Take actual font height into account when drawing placeholder box
  for graphics (bug 11048).

- Correctly set default bibliography style in the Document Settings
  dialog (bug 11088).

- Assure that the External Inset dialog is opened at first tab for
  new insets (bug 11081).

- Ignore deleted material when generating a proposed label (bug 11102).

- Reload citation list when undoing or redoing removal of bibliography
  inset (bug 9158).

- Fix some master/child issues with biblatex (bug 11083).

- Recalculate citation insets when bibliography info changes as a result
  of undo or redo (bug 11005).

- Allow for spaces in bibliography keys (bug 9847).

- Fix weird bug with counters when reloading with emergency file.

- Handle math insets properly when inserting index entries (bug 6344).

- When adding a label in the first paragraph after a division (section,
  etc), use the label prefix for it (bug 10624).

- Fix crash when canceling entry of macro name in a mathed subscript
  (bug 11125).

- Improve error message when document path contains spaces.

- Fix blinking caret position while entering text with input method.

- Do not allow paragraph styles in listings (bug 11127).

- Fix duplicate, disabled "Separated <Environment> Below" menu item.

- Fix horizontal alignment of some Box types on screen.

- Correct list of previous versions to check for user directory contents
  (bug 11142 on Mac).

- Honor the syntax highlighting package choice when adding listing params
  without actually inserting a listing (bug 11151).

- Handle correctly zero table special arguments (bug 10247).

- Fix "New Inset" function in the Nomenclature list dialog.

- Improve warning message dialogs.

- Fix insertion of quotation marks and brackets in RTL languages
  (bugs 11188 and 11187).

- Fix nesting problem with numbers in RTL text (bug 6283).

- Fix display of RTL text in tooltips (bug 10672).

- Fix size policy of buffer combo in refs dialog (bug 9316).

- Fix line break in Bib(La)TeX tooltip (bug 11252).


- Fix bug that TeX files were not detected when reconfiguring LyX
  (bug 11053).

- Fix language code of Austrian (old spelling).

- When reconfiguring LyX, correctly detect commands specified with a
  full path with spaces (bug 11214).

- Fix the LyX server on Windows so that replies are actually output.

- Fix the script for python 3.7.


- Fix old problem with lib/fonts/test/stmary10.lyx, and update that file
  to current format.


- Do not force default bibliography style if none is set (bug 10673).

- Handle whitespace in table column declaration (bug 10804).

- Fix import of flalign* environment (bug 10501).

- Fix import of subfloats without caption (bug 10385).

- Import straight quotations marks (e.g. babel shorthands) as ERT (bug 75).

- Do not add duplicate \makebeamertitle.

- Keep empty paragraph it keepempty is true (bug 11078).

- Fix parsing issue in nested CJK (bug 9562).

- Fix import of package options with comments (bug 5737).

- Fix import of xymatrix (bug 10638).



- Add support for automake 1.16.

- Fix build of lyxconvert (used on Mac) with Qt4 (bug 11094).

- Fix some compiler warnings.

- Support building with Qt 5.11 with CMake.

- When building with CMake, require at least CMake version 3.1.0.

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