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@@ -9,26 +9,14 @@ to add new templates or modify existing ones. If you have 
 the external_templates file, you will have to move the modifications to
 the respective *.xtemplate file manually.
-By default, LyX 2.3 forces output of all en and em dashes as -- and ---
-when exporting to LaTeX. This can lead to incorrect line breaks, wrong
-characters in typewriter fonts, and problems with some LaTeX packages.
-Unselect "Document->Settings->Fonts->Output em- and en-dash as ligatures"
-to keep the LyX 2.2 behaviour and avoid these problems. See chapter
-"Dashes and line breaks" of the User Guide for details.
-ZWSP characters (u200b) following literal em- and en-dashes are deleted by
-lyx2lyx when converting to 2.3 format. If you used them as optional line
-breaks after dashes, convert them to space insets before opening your
-document with LyX 2.3 or the optional line breaks will be lost!
-If using TeX fonts and en- and em-dashes are output as font ligatures,
-when exporting documents containing en- and em-dashes to the format of
-LyX 2.0 or earlier, the following line has to be manually added to the
-unicodesymbols file of that LyX version:<br>
-0x200b "\\hspace{0pt}" "" "" "" "" # ZERO WIDTH SPACE<br>
-This avoids "uncodable character" issues if the document is actually
-loaded by that LyX version. LyX 2.1 and later versions already have the
-necessary definition in their unicodesymbols file.
+By default, LyX 2.3 outputs en- and em-dashes as -- and --- respectively,
+so that a line break can occur in the output immediately after the dash.
+Sometimes, this results in undesired line breaks or overfull lines due to
+suppression of hyphenation in the word preceding the dash.
+Select "Document->Settings->Fonts->Disallow line breaks after dashes"
+to keep the LyX 2.2 behaviour.
+See chapter, "Dashes and Line Breaks", of the User Guide
+for details.
 If trying to compile documents using R scripts and sweave/knitr, LyX
 2.3.x would not allow for re-running the R scripts, unless the user:

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