Uwe Stöhr wrote:
Hey guys,

I think the stuff that Tommaso Cucinotta attached to
should be discussed in Bromarv. This new docked advanced search window is a really useful feature and could be the basis to implement other search and replace issues, like searching only in parts of the document.

regards Uwe


If possible, once we're at it, there are also some small, long-standing, find-and-replace issues which should be solved:

 - Bug 1262 Search & Replace: "wrap" option
 - Bug 2548 Wishlist: limit find/replace to selected text
 - Bug 2674 Find and replace should restore initial cursor position
 - Bug 3696 Find/replace to preserve capitalisation
 - Bug 3999 Find dialog text is not selected

Also, it seems to me that with proper design, the same backend used for the find/replace could also be used for addressing this:

 - Bug 3713 Keyword completion feature of lyx

which I would also be very happy to see (this is what I actually set out to solve when I first joined the list, but then I got waylaid by the RTL stuff...).

Have fun at Bromarv!

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