Richard Heck wrote:

So, for my own education: width_ is the width of the row, counting the margins or not counting them?

width_ is the width of the Text including the margins. I was wrong when I said that leftMargin() should be taken into account. It is instead because of TEXT_TO_INSET_OFFSET.

Modifying a bit what we have so far, what's attached works well for me in most cases, though we still have the box being pushed off the right edge.

Sorry, I committed the correction, hope you don't mind.

I'm also troubled by the fact that we're treating the RTL case so differently, but I don't understand why it's so different in the first place, so I don't propose to even try to deal with that myself. Dov, do you know what to do here?

I guess it's easy to test, just set the language to arabic or hebrew and see if the box is correctly placed to the left.


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