Hi Julien, hi Cengiz,
ok you might wonder why I'm mailing you so here's the story:
Cengiz Gunay modified your bash_completion file for inkscape to work with
LyX and submitted it for inclusion in the Debian package.[1]

I picked it up and added it to the Debian LyX package and proposed it upstream
to be added so that other people and distribution packagers can use it

The LyX dev guys are willing to include it but they need a clear statement
that it's ok with both of you to inlcude and distribute it with LyX. LyX
itself is GPLv2 so a 'GPLv2 is fine' or 'do whatever you wan't to do with it'
should be fine aswell.


[2] http://bugzilla.lyx.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4753
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