To whom it may concern, please forward this request to the main author(s) of hunspell.

Dear Nemeth,

From the changelog of hunspell-1.2.8, it seems that you are the main developer of hunspell. I am probably going to integrate hunspell support into LyX ( as a possible alternative to aspell.

I have successfully ported the MSVC solution to MSVC2008Express (see attached) but I don't really know how the iconv and intl dependency is handled in the Windows port. We maintain our own version of these libraries for Windows and so we will probably do the same for hunspell (and libmythes which we already use). Also please note that only the dll compiles and link (I had to add replist to the project file).

I would like to use the C++ interface given by "hunspell.hxx" but it is not so clean when compared to the C interface given by "hunspell.h". Would you be open to a patch that put all implementation detail into a Private class using pimpl idiom? I mean something like this:

class Hunspell

 /* Hunspell(aff, dic) - constructor of Hunspell class
  * input: path of affix file and dictionary file
Hunspell(const char * affpath, const char * dpath, const char * key = NULL);
 struct Private;
  Private * const d;

Then in the cxx file:

class Hunspell::Private
 AffixMgr*       pAMgr;
 HashMgr*        pHMgr[MAXDIC];
 int             maxdic;
 SuggestMgr*     pSMgr;
 char *          affixpath;
 char *          encoding;
 struct cs_info * csconv;
 int             langnum;
 int             utf8;
 int             complexprefixes;
 char**          wordbreak;

Last question but not least:

It seems that there is no mailing list nor svn or cvs repository, is there? Do you plan to add something like that for collaboration purpose?

Thanks in advance for any information.

On behalf of the LyX developers,

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