Hi all,

I have just upgraded to 10.6 and thought I shared some experiences on compiling:

For Qt you need the 4.6.0-beta1 version (4.5 might work, but 10.6 seems to be only partially supported; also, if we look cross-platform, I think 4.6 is needed for Windows 7). Download from:
(the location in INSTALL.MacOSX doesn't work anymore)
The default for Qt seems to be to compile for 32 bits (which is causing complications later on). I tried to get it to compile for 64 bits, but it failed (it takes a looong time to compile Qt, so I didn't give it many tries).

Instead I compiled LyX for 32 bits by the adding following flags before compiling (I'm completely clueless as for C++ compilations, so several of these may well be obsolete)
export CPPFLAGS="-arch i386"
export CCFLAGS="-arch i386"
export CFLAGS="-arch i386"
export LDFLAGS="-framework Carbon -framework OpenGL -framework AGL - framework QuickTime -lz -framework Cocoa -arch i386"

In relation to INSTALL.MacOSX the -lz ld-flag is added. I think it I included it in my script based on some previous discussions. Does anyone know if it is needed?

I then configured as usual:
./configure --prefix=/Path/to/LyX.app --disable-concept-checks --with- version-suffix=-$VERSION --with-qt4-dir=/Path/to/QT46b1/ --enable- optimization=-Os --without-x --with-included-gettext --with- frontend=qt4 --disable-stdlib-debug --without-aspell --without-pspell --disable-shared --enable-static

Difference compared to INSTALL.MacOSX:
I did probably have some reason to add them (the chance that I came up with them by myself is non-existant ;-) I think some had to do with creating release binaries. Does the INSTALL.MacOSX need to be updated?

There is one final important thing to do: I had to swap the source code and download it from scratch. (For 1.6 and 2.0 that is
svn co svn://svn.lyx.org/lyx/lyx-devel/trunk lyx-devel
svn co svn://svn.lyx.org/lyx/lyx-devel/branches/BRANCH_1_6_X lyx-16x

So now both 1.6 and 2.0 run like a charm. The same compilation instructions were used for both. This bodes well for future Qt upgrades for LyX I think. Note however that they are intel only. The "crash bug" at backup is still there, but deselecting the choice of backup copies works.

All the best!

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