Stephan Witt wrote:

... its little bit hard to follow the thread when people dont kill the unused 
top lines....

> > There is now a new checkbox in frontend/qt/ui/PrefInput.ui which determines 
> > the role of Control and Apple keys, but this new UI element will appear for 
> > all versions of Qt and all platforms, even though it has an effect only 
> > with Qt >= 4.6 (in the other files, my changes are only applied when the 
> > right OS and version is detected). In order to make this checkbox disappear 
> > when it's not needed, what is the best approach? Is there a Qt or LyX 
> > directive for conditional UI elements that I could use in PrefInput.ui 
> > (similar to compiler directives as in my previous post)? My guess is that 
> > the answer is no. 
> I don't know, but I would look for a function to hide the UI element 
> conditionally.

if you mean hide for other archs on solution would be to have normal rc 
variable and in gui code put something like
#ifndef MACOSX


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