Currently, in Lyx 2.0, there are 3 modes for preview:
* On -- Preview is working for math and preview-inset
* No math --
* Off

My 1st question is what the different between "no math" and Off? what else
is previewed other than math and preview inset?

My second concern is the reason this mail is on the developers list: Is
there any reason no to separate the rendering of the preview-inset from
regular math? for 98 percent of my math -- I prefer it will not be rendered.
But for the other two percent -- the diagrams (either using \xymatrix, the
new \Diagram inset, or just plain-old ERT), I would really like to be

If it's some arbitrary decision, and you didn't thought it's important, I'll
be happy to try and do the change.. (although i'll be happy for some
pointers, as I don't yet very familiar with lyx' code).


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