On 18/09/2011 3:54 AM, Paul A. Rubin wrote:
Paul A. Rubin<rubin<at>  msu.edu>  writes:

Julien Rioux<jrioux<at>  physics.utoronto.ca>  writes:

In a module, with the usual definition and format lines at the top, put:

provides xypic


Alas, it did not work.  LyX refused to parse the file if it contained both the
"Provides xy" and "\usepackage{xy}" lines.  The workaround I devised was a dummy
module that contains just the top stuff and "Provides xy" (but nothing for the
preamble - so it lies about providing xy.sty).  Then I load etex.sty and xy.sty
manually in the preamble, in the proper order.  It works but it's ugly.

Hi Paul,
Could you please post your module?
I think its my fault. It should contain this instead of what I wrote previously:

Provides xy 1



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