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> Comment (by spitz):
>  Replying to [ticket:8173 scaprile]:
>  > First, sometimes there is the need to track references in the other
>  direction, that is, find the places in many documents where there is a
>  reference to a label.
>  Did you try Document > Outline?

My friend, I think we are not understanding each other. My outline
window is always open. What I try to mean is
I have this:
\subsubsection{System Control Space\label{sub:System-Control-Space}}
and I need to find all the
please go to \vref{sub:System-Control-Space}
in 10 or 12 documents encompassing my whole project. Let's say:

M3:page 7
M4:page 12
micros:page 122

so I can click and go there. The same stuff as the current xref window,
only backwards... besides the "go to link" button, a "see what refers to
this label" button that performs a search in the text top-down from the
master document and pinpoints all the references. (I guess putting all
referrers in the database may not be worthy, would probably require a
table for each label, whatever, this is just a suggestion).

Maybe this sheds some light.
I have no outline tool, and I'm writing while I'm doing my research.
I happen to work in parallel on many chapters of a book. Sometimes, when
something happens to a section, I realize there is a reference to that
section or to that content somewhere else. I need to find those
references and do some rephrasing or corrections or whatever.

>  > If a section changes to a paragraph and the text says "see section
>  <xref>", one might need to change it (the word "section" automagically
>  included could be good also)
>  Use "formatted reference" (prettyref or nameref) for this task. See the
>  user guide for details.

OK, this is tricky, I have to mess with the Latex preamble to get this
working. Maybe the preferences window could be the job in a more
"Lyx-ful" way ?

>  > Second, sometimes a label is removed, maybe to put it somewhere else
>  with a different name. Then there is the need to find BROKEN links in all
>  the documents referring to that label. Besides the "BROKEN" word, perhaps
>  their color could change maybe to red, and an automatic search and display
>  on a window with a goto feature would be great.
>  Again, Document > Outline will help you find those references easily.

No, if you re-read the example I've given, the outline window will help
me find the sections and paragraphs, not all the places in the document
where there is a reference to those. Let alone the BROKEN references


BTW, this is  just a suggestion, the program is great, I'm just trying
to get some outlining functions out of it. Great stuff, congratulations

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