Jean Marc wrote:

> > I agree that finding a maintainer for mathed is important. I also
> > think we should stop waiting for the legendary mathed3, and try to
> > cleanup the code we have now.

I agree, the math inset should be cleaned following the changes and
improvements that has been made on the inset mechanism. mathed3 will be
basically internal changes and I'd like to know who in this list would
like to collaborate.
Any problem about mathed, just ask me, I'm still here though I have no
more the time to be as active LyX developer as few years ago.

Dekel wrote:

> I know nothing about the new mathed (which might actually works similarly 
> to the way proposed below), but I wonder if it might be better to write an
> even newer mathed: the math inset will be a derived class of insettext,
> and matrices/fractions will be implemented using a derived class of
> insettabular. 

I'm not sure this is a good idea, a math inset has a very special needs,
like a particular sublanguage (currently latex math mode, in a future,
presentation MathML), a special layout and the ability to use special
fonts. Rather I was waiting for a good insettext to allow better text
inside math (in fact Jurgen and I designed the primitive insettext).

> This is only an idea which I don't know if it will work in practice,
> and also I'm afraid that no one has the time to implement it.

I repeate the invitation, all those that want to help developing
mathed please drop me a line. The goals are:

- Clean up the internal representation of math objects and move to STL
  (partially done in the new sources).

- Ability to use real math fonts tough most users will still be using

- Ability to import/export MathML and LaTeX math mode (a plugin

- Improve the layout and cursor control.

AFAIR these are the most important.

Best regards,


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