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Lars> Care to translate a bit?


gives a reasonable translation, although it stops to work at the end
for unknown reasons.

So, here is a short summary (a bit weak, but...):

- currently, MS-word mostly dominates the market of word processors
  (with the problems we all know already).

- the free alternatives (wordperfect, applixware, staroffice) try so
  well to emulate word that they are as bloated as their model. The
  "light" ones (Ted, abiword...) are either unfinished or very
  unstable, and none really succeeded.

- however the era of WYSIWYG is ending, now that documents are not
  only paper documents anymore, but also electronic ones (e-books,
  wap, html). The right model for these documents is structured
  documents languages like LaTeX (at this point there is a link on a
  well known graphic interface on top of LaTeX, which is described as
  WYSIWYG...), nroff or SGML/XML.

- currently, there exists no reasonable free software that can do XML.
  There are either commercial products (arbortext) or prototypes
  nobody can use. But the future is in the development of such a

I sent a message to stephane (who is very active in the french linux
community) to pointing out that LyX also does docbook and linuxdoc and
that the new infrastructure we are working on should allow to get
better structuration of documents.


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