I am attempting to build LyX on OS X for testing purposes, not distribution.

I have all of the prerequisites installed via MacPorts except possibly Qt, as 
described below.

I have done the git checkout and am looking at INSTALL.MacOSX.

The download link(s) in INSTALL.MacOSX for Qt are out of date, listing a 
trolltech web site and a Nokia FTP site. I found and downloaded a OS X 
installer from https://www.qt.io/download-open-source/ which promises to 
download binaries and source. Will this work? Can I download only binaries? I 
have not proceeded with this step because...

...INSTALL.MacOSX says to install Qt 4 but the qt.io site provides an installer 
only for Qt 5 with a pre-built option for only 64-bit. Will Qt 5 work? If not, 
where can I get Qt 4?...

...I already have Qt installed on my machine via MacPorts which reports that I 
have qt4-mac 4.8.7_0 as the active installation. qt5-mac 5.4.2 is available but 
not installed. Will a MacPorts version of Qt work? How?

If anything I have said above makes it look like I have a clue what I am doing 
it is wrong--I'm at least 50% clueless here.


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