Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:

> Le 07/07/2015 01:07, Jerry a écrit :
>>    CXX      CutAndPaste.o
>> CutAndPaste.cpp:390:15: error: call to 'next' is ambiguous
>>                  pars.insert(next(pars.begin(), pit),
>>                              ^~~~
>> note:
>>        candidate function [with _ForwardIter =
>>        std::__1::__list_iterator<lyx::Paragraph, void *>]
>> next(_ForwardIter __x,
>> ^
>> ./support/lyxalgo.h:92:11: note: candidate function [with It =
>>        std::__1::__list_iterator<lyx::Paragraph, void *>, Diff = long]
>> inline It next(It i, Diff n = 1)

We had this error before. It probably means that your clang version provides 
a std::next from the C++11 standard even if no C++11 standard is requested 
on the command line. Since we do not try to detect ourselves anymore whether 
C++98 or C++11 is used, we will probably see this more and more in the 
future, and at some point in time we'll need to set the compiler commandline 
option --std=C++98 if configure was not called with --enable-cxx11.

> What happens if you add --enable-cxx1 to the configure command-line?

This should mean of course --enable-cxx11.


PS: The config log file looks good at a first glance. clang and libc++ are 
correctly detected.

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