On 2016-09-14, Kornel Benko wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 14. September 2016 um 19:25:43, schrieb Guenter Milde 
> <mi...@users.sf.net>
>> On 2016-09-14, Scott Kostyshak wrote:

>> > I attach my complete list of failing tests (for git hash f2a263e3). The
>> > ones that are interesting I think are listed below with some comments:

>> > 206:INVERTED.LYXBUGS_export/export/LongestLabelWithUnderscore_lyx16

>> It looks like ctest is testing the backup files from lyx2lyx conversion.
>> Do you have some *lyx21.lyx (etc.) files in the tested directories?

> No backups, the test is exporting to lyx16 (e.g. lyx2lyx) format.

I see, besides the lyx2lyx tests, there are also export tests for lyx2lyx.

>> I hope these backups are marked as such with ~ soon.
>> But we could also (at least for the meantime) add a clause to ignore them
>> in "ignoredtests". 

> No need. The tests have a reason.

I see.

However, the inverted tests in autotests/export/ are dedicated LaTeX tests
where we know that they currently fail with LaTeX and why.

I did not think about the lyx2lyx export and hence used a too generic
"inversion pattern".

As testing these samples for other export routes or conversion or loading
does not gain any new insights, I moved them to a new subdirectory
autotests/export/latex/ and added "ignore" clauses for samples from this

I hope this helps to keep the test system relatively clean and simple.


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