On 2016-09-13, Guenter Milde wrote:
> On 2016-09-13, Kornel Benko wrote:

>>> >> * Do you still need the "suspendeTests"? What for?

>>> > Yes, we need them. This tests will not be executed with the call 'ctest
>>> > -L export'.


>>> In the meantime, we know the particular problem for most of the suspended
>>> tests.
>>> Some were fixed. Others require inversion (we know the problem is a
>>> wontfix or a bug on trac).

Therefore, I'll reword the question:

Do you call `ctest -L export` regularely?

Could you imagine calling `ctest -L export -LE "texissues|attic"` instead?

  -1 more to type
  +1 filters not only 58 but 80 "wontfix" inverted tests
  +4 makes the test system less complicated.

Do you call `ctest -L inverted` regularely?

Could you imagine calling `ctest -L inverted -LE "texissues|attic"` instead?


>> My understanding is that they are suspended because of difficult to
>> solve, therefore we do not try to tests them every time.

However, the "usual full run" (without -L) does test them.
How often is -L used without also -R to select specific tests via regexp?


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