Am Samstag, den 17.09.2016, 13:52 +0200 schrieb Pietro Cortese:
> Hello,
> when compiling the attached document with pdflatex in lyx2.2.1 or
> lyx2.2.0 I get the error message:
> Missing Glyphs!
> Missing character: There is no ; in font nullfont!

This is due to an error in your code. The line:

\definecolor{currentcolor}{rgb}{0, 0.9, 0};

must _not_ end with a semicolon, since it is not a tikz routine. Change
it to

\definecolor{currentcolor}{rgb}{0, 0.9, 0}

I would also suggest to move this color definition out of the
tikzpicture definition.

> However if I open the containing directory and compile by hand the
> tex file with pdflatex there are no errors.

You get the message as well, it just does not stop compilation

> When opening the same document in lyx2.1.5 it compiles without
> problems.

Same here.

In LyX 2.2, you can press "Show Output Anyway" in the error dialog to
get the output (as in LyX 2.1.5), but at least you have been warned
that something is wrong in your code.


> It is a very weird situation. Please could you have a look?
> Thank you in advance,
> Pietro Cortese

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